Cold Laser Technology








Cold Laser Technology

Cold laser technology has been known to produce healing effects in tissue since the early 1980’s. This has been a popular topic of clinical research and well documented in trade journal publications sighting case studies and double blind peer reviewed clinical studies. Its effectiveness has been documented on neurologic tissue repair, bone growth, tendon repair, pain reduction, wound care, scar tissue reduction, and pain reduction.

How does it work? An increase in genetic activity has been documented in an increase in genetic activity in a particular gene that is linked to collagen formation with in a 2 to 8 hour window after being radiated with a laser. This explains the healing tissue effects, but does not explain the dramatic and immediate pain reduction that has been witnessed in clinical use. As with all forms of pain reduction we only have subjective testimonials as to it’s results due to the subjective nature of pain and our current inability to clinically measure pain objectively.

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