Our Purpose

Mission Statement:

To remedy pain and dysfunction with superior skills and equipment while showing compassion and integrity.

Mission for the future:

Anacortes Physical Therapy pledges to remain the leader in state-of-the-art equipment, cutting edge contemporary techniques and a spirited, fun recovery atmosphere.

Better Than Expected Care:

The culture of this clinic is to provide services, knowledgeable staff, and an environment that not only meets but exceeds patients’ expectations. All of our treatment programs focus on alleviating pain and dysfunction while quickly returning the patient to the highest level of function.

“Make a friend, feel better, fast”:

The order of this mantra is deliberate. We believe in establishing relationship with our patients first and foremost is our priority.  Then, of course, the goal is to work together to find the best course of action to get you on the path to feeling better with a commitment to doing so as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The majority of our treatments will include patient education, exercise, and FUN.

Why should you choose an independently owned clinic?

When you choose an independent physical therapy clinic you are not guaranteed to receive the highest quality care available, but it is much more likely. Having no direct pipeline feeding patients to the independent clinic, they must survive by word of mouth recommendation resulting from doing an excellent job on each patient. If the referring physician hears good reports on a clinic he will naturally keep sending patients to them.  The very life blood of the independent clinic is to give the patient excellent care, which is what we promise to deliver at Anacortes Physical Therapy.