At Anacortes Physical Therapy, we provide a comprehensive range of services to treat musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunctions. Our physical therapists seek to restore strength, mobility, endurance, balance and function after injury, illness, or surgery.  We make it a priority to educate patients about their disease or injury process, with the ultimate goal of preventing future problems. Some of the therapeutic services and specialty programs include:

Now offering Telehealth: All you need is a computer or smart phone. No sign up or download required; simple, convenient, HIPAA compliant and secure. Telehealth or e-visits are now covered by most insurances, give us a call to find out how Physical Therapy can help you, from the comfort and safety of your own home!  

Orthopedic/Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Whether you are suffering from a sprain, strain or other injury, our therapists will discuss with you the nature of the problem, examine symptomatic tissues, and complete a thorough evaluation to help to determine the source of the pain and guides the course of treatment.

Spinal Stabilization Training
We take the time to explain your condition and educate you about how your back works. You will also learn to incorporate proper body mechanics and postural awareness during your work/home activities.

Surgical and Fracture Rehabilitation
Surgical intervention may be required for complex injuries. To ensure a successful outcome, progressive rehabilitation is often necessary to promote tissue healing and achieve functional goals. 

Sport Specific Exercise Prescription

Our therapists share your passion for sports and recreational activities and understand thatinjury prevention is paramount. With an extensive knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy and exercise physiology, they are an excellent resource for designing a strength and conditioning program tailored to meet your needs.    

 Musculoskeletal Imaging

Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography (MSKUS) is an assessment tool that helps the therapist assess the nature and extent of your musculoskeletal injuries by being able to look into the body and evaluate the damage to muscles, bones or joints. We are now able to observe your muscles, nerves, joints, and bones move while testing them, all while watching a real time image of them. Physical therapists are qualified to utilize this diagnostic device if appropriately trained.

Balance Training
Have you ever had a loss of balance, dizziness, vertigo, spinning, or feeling like you were falling? These can occur when there is some type of dysfunction in one of the many feedback systems in your body (the brain, the nervous system, the eyes, or the inner ear), that manifests itself as a balance disorder.

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Cold Laser
Cold laser technology has been known to produce healing effects in tissue. Its effectiveness has been documented on neurological tissue repair, bone growth, tendon repair, pain reduction, wound care, scar tissue reduction, and pain reduction.
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